KDBot Premium

KDBot Premium provides additional functionality and features through a dedicated instance that is separate from the main bot. Help keep KDBot running and support the development of new features by enrolling in one of the following tiers on our Patreon.

KDBot Premium for 1

$5 / mo

  • KDBot premium for 1 Discord guilds you own or moderate

KDBot Premium for 3

$7 / mo

  • KDBot premium for 3 Discord guilds you own or moderate

KDBot Premium for 5

$10 / mo

  • KDBot premium for 5 Discord guilds you own or moderate


Dedicated Instance
KDBot Premium is a separate bot from the main bot that runs on a separate cloud server in order to offer maximum availability for our users. Having a separate instance also enables you to have KDBot and KDBot Premium in the same server, allowing for usage in two voice channels separately.
Access to 15 Amazon Polly voices
KDBot Premium provides access to additional voices from Amazon Polly. The following voices will be available with Premium: Lea, Vicki, Raveena, Aditi, Mizuki, Takumi, Seoyeon, Liv, Ines, Cristiano, Maxim, Astrid, Filiz, Joanna, Matthew
SSML Support
Support for SSML, speech synthesis markup language, is provided with Premium. SSML allows you to use tags to modify text-to-speech output, such as adding pauses, changing speed and pitch, etc. Documentation for SSML tags can be found here. Please note that the <speak> </speak> tags are added automatically. Use the command 'help ssml for more information
Ability to set dedicated TTS channel
You can now set a TTS text channel where anyone can use KDBot without requiring a prefix and the bot will speak the message if it is connected to a voice channel. Use the 'ttschannel command to set a TTS channel

How it works

  • 1. Join one of our tiers on Patreon.

    Click "Join" on one of the tiers above and become a Patron.
  • 2. Link your Discord account with Patreon.

    In order for KDBot to verify that you are a Patron on Patreon, you will need to link your Discord account on Patreon. The instructions for doing so are found here.
  • 3. Add KDBot to your server.

    Use this link to add KDBot Premium to the server (or servers depending on tier) of your choice. Please do note however that you will need to add the bot with the same account that you have linked to your Patreon account.